Can I return my car because the navigation mispronounces place names?

I have a Skoda Karoq. The pronunciation of certain towns is terrible, I live in Lichfield, but it says Lychfeld. I have spoken to Skoda and they seem to not be interested. At one point the service desk at my local dealership told me to get in touch with the software suppliers in the country of manufacture. I then went to another dealership and the service manager I spoke to mentioned that he had a Volkswagen Golf and he had the same problem. I used to be a senior Production Quality Manager, for the Bentley Motor Company so all I wanted was for Skoda to raise via their Supplier Quality team and sort out the software. Now, I want to return the car, but alas, I think that will not be allowed.

Asked on 28 April 2019 by Kevin McInerney

Answered by Honest John
Definitely not. You'd probably be laughed out of court and penalised for wasting the court's time. As long as the navigation is understandable, that's all that is important. You have obviously never driven in mainland Europe such as Spain where the English navigation voice either gets most of the town and street pronunciations wrong or is supplemented by a local voice that uses pronunciation unfamiliar to Brits.
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