How much AdBlue will my car use?

I have recently bought a BMW X2 20d which has an AdBlue system. Can you tell me the average consumption rate I might expect to get for this AdBlue (the main dealer I bought the car from says it depends on how you drive the car but didn't give a typical consumption rate). Is it wise to carry a bottle of AdBlue around with you?

Asked on 22 April 2019 by stewart brown

Answered by Honest John
The capacity will be between 10 and 20 litres. But, as the dealer says, it's impossible to predict any one driver's usage rate. What happens is that when there is enough AdBlue for 1500 miles average use, a light comes on warning you to refill the AdBlue tank, and that gives you plenty of time so no need to carry a container in the car. Best to use 3.5-litre or 4.7-litre containers with a spout. 10-litre containers without a spout make a very messy job of it and you have to get any spilt AdBlue off the paint promptly. Also, wash your hands. More on Adblue:
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