A car knocked me off my motorbike turning into a driveway - who is at fault?

I was following a car (which had been indicating left for a while) which appeared to be following the main road round to the right. I was taking the left option (actually straight on) and then the car braked sharply and swung left to enter their drive. I was on a motorcycle and could not avoid a collision, being knocked off to the left but at very low speed. The driver (or passenger) of the car mentioned that they had had issues turning into their drive previously. The Highway Code says that you should keep to the left and slow down if turning left and that you should check your mirrors before altering course. Both of which the driver of the car failed to do. I have good helmet cam footage. Who is at fault and what is the best course of action?

Asked on 22 April 2019 by Alan James

Answered by Tim Kelly
That would probably be 50/50, you should take adequate precautions and expect the vehicle to possibly make a manoeuvre as it was indicating to do so. The counter argument is exactly what you have already provided. Your helmet cam is what would be the deciding factor.
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