My BMW is being recalled and the replacement car isn't a suitable replacement - what do you advise I do?

My diesel BMW 5 Series Touring has a recall. When booking I was told (verbally) that the replacement part was in stock and that an X2 was available for loan - so I could load my fishing tackle. On taking the car in I have been informed that it could be 8 weeks as the part is not in stock and then I learn the loan car is not an X2, is not suitable for purpose and only available for one day. Then I find out that the rental will be provided if the part needs replacement but there is no choice with the vehicle. This means I might not be able to go fishing for up to two months. I really feel for the poor chap who had to deal with me because this seems to be a major issue. However, BMW is failing big time and letting their dealers down. Hearing about the dealer’s problems does not help, although I can sympathise. I could sign a disclaimer and have my car but suspect my insurance would become invalid. Apart from my confidence in BMW taking a massive hit, do you have any advice to offer? Of course, if my EGR is found to be okay, the problem goes away.

Asked on 17 April 2019 by STM

Answered by Honest John
165,000 people are in the same boat and BMW is doing what it can to manage the situation. Some new EGR coolers are coming through and being fitted. The problem is having to suddenly remanufacture the numbers needed in the shortest possible time and put owners into courtesy or hire cars for the duration of the wait. I guess if you wanted to get stroppy you could tell the dealer you were hiring your own suitable car and then bill the dealer for it, following up with Small Claims if it failed to pay. But it'd be better if you tried to find a compromise. I would not continue to drive your car.
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