My sons insurance was cancelled - for how long will this affect his future insurance costs?

My son had his insurance cancelled after eight months due to three telematics warnings from his insurance company. They are saying that they can still insure him, albeit with a hike in price by £1300. Having looked online for other quotes, his current quote, while being high, is actually cheap in comparison.
While he knows he is in the wrong and is annoyed over ending up in this situation. how long is it before the insurance will become affordable again? Convictions and claims seem to have a five-year shelf life but cancellation appears opened ended which seems somewhat odd.

Asked on 15 April 2019 by Ian robinson

Answered by Tim Kelly
If he has had a policy cancelled, it will stay on his details for six years. Though if they re-insure, it should partly negate the effect. Though I would query the telematic warnings, they are often providing incorrect information.
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