I misfuelled a works van with petrol - can I argue that the van was poorly labelled?

I accidentally filled my works diesel lease van with petrol then drove 27 miles before realising my mistake. The only label was on the inside of the fuel hatch which I didn't see. Work have told me their insurance does not cover misfuelling and I will need to pay for the costly repair myself. Am I fully liable or can I argue part responsibility as the van was poorly labelled?

Asked on 21 March 2019 by Sarah Tutin

Answered by Tim Kelly
It is your fault but the insurer should cover misfuelling, although it depends on how the policy has been worded. From a Human Resource law point of view, have you been provided with training in the use of this specific vehicle? If your employer has not provided adequate training making it transparent that the vehicle is a diesel, then it would be down to them. That is certainly the argument I would be putting forward.
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