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I bought a car from a main dealer and have discovered that outstanding recall work wasn't carried out - where do I stand?

Could you advise me where I stand regards recompense? A main dealer has sold me a used car (2016) when it has been discovered (since it has broken down in February this year) that there were two non-safety service recalls outstanding on the vehicle in 2015, one of them to replace the camshaft adjuster, the very part that has failed on this occasion causing the car to break down. The dealer would appear to have sold me the car on without carrying out the required remedial recall work.
This could have been realised last May when I had the car serviced had I gone through a main dealer, though as I used my own trusted mechanic who hasn't access to SEAT systems, it was not obvious then.

Asked on 18 March 2019 by Robin Ramsay Gallacher

Answered by Honest John
Even though you have been using independent servicing, the TSB should have been carried out prior to your purchase of the car and you were sold a car that was not only effectively defective, the dealer should have known about it and was negligent in not checking that the TSB work had been carried out. So in my view the supplying dealer is liable under Clegg v Olle Andersson (trading as Nordic Marine), House of Lords, 2003. See:
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