Do I have to inform my insurers of a previous medical condition?

I was on the DVLA medical registry because of controlled epilepsy until 2017 when I was taken off after being epileptic event free for over 10 years and placed on the normal driver registry. Throughout that time all my insurers were notified of my conditions and adjusted my premium accordingly. My insurance is due for renewal soon so should I notify potential insurers of this previous condition or not as the DVLA classes me as clear of any medical condition now?

Asked on 18 March 2019 by Tony Smith

Answered by Tim Kelly
If you are now clear, you don't need to advise them unless specifically asked by them. Under the 2015 insurance act, any questions asked have to be relevant for the premise of providing the policy and have a direct link to it. If they request notice of any pre-existing medical conditions, then you will have to advise them.
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