Another driver damaged our car but is now refusing to pay for repairs - what do we do?

My car had slight damage to a door mirror caused by another car. The other driver gave his name, address and phone number but would not give the name of his insurance company as he said he would rather pay himself for such a small job. We got the best price we could for a repair at around £50 to £60. When we rang him with the price he started complaining and seems reluctant to pay. Is there any way we could get the name of his insurance company as we have all his other details?

Asked on 15 March 2019 by Philip Sephton

Answered by Tim Kelly
Give him a call and advise that you will report him to the police should he not provide his insurance details, as has a duty to do so under the Road Traffic Act. Alternatively, he can pay what he owes. They are his two options, should he become awkward you find his insurer details by using the Motor Insurance Database:
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