Are we going to see mandatory speed limiters fitted to new cars?

I understand that new cars sold in the EU are set to be fitted with mandatory speed limiters, dubbed Intelligent Speed Assistance, or ISA, within three years, after approval by a key group of MEPs from the European Transport Safety Council. The limiters use traffic-sign-recognition and/or GPS data. The UK’s exit from the EU is unlikely to have much effect on the legislation as the UK tend to mirror the EU.

I had a very frightening experience using the speed limiter on my Volvo XC40 on a 70mph dual carriageway when I passed under a bridge carrying a road with a 40mph limit. The speed limited detected this and braked very sharply. It is very fortunate that there were no cars close behind me. It is possible to cancel the limiter by pressing the accelerator to the floor, but it takes a couple of seconds to respond. What is the legal situation if my car brakes autonomously and causes an accident?

Asked on 24 February 2019 by John Wright

Answered by Honest John
This was trialled in the UK a few years ago and proved to be a disaster. Anyone who has driven a modern car with traffic sign recognition knows that the cameras do not always recognise the traffic signs. And if GPS is used to limit speeds, what happened in the trial was a car would be legally driving at 70 on the motorway, then passed under a bridge with a 30 limit on it and because of that slammed on its brakes. GPS does not work in three dimensions. The EC lobbyists have clients who stand to make a fortune out of this extremely flawed technology.
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