My car was damaged in a private car park - do I have to tell my insurance company?

My car was parked in a private car park and I returned to find damage down the side of the car caused by the car next to it. The person concerned has admitted liability and is claiming on her insurance to have my car fixed. The insurance company has contacted me and has made arrangements for my car to be repaired. As this happened on private property, was not my fault and is being sorted by the other person's insurance company, do I have to tell my insurance company? I obviously do not want to have this incident on my record.

Asked on 25 February 2019 by mark waring

Answered by Tim Kelly
This is where things get sticky. Your insurer will argue you should, if the other party has gone through their insurer it will go on the underwriting database CUE. I would argue the contrary for all the reasons you have said. Alternatively, I would also be claiming for any increased premium of the other parties insurer for the next five years if you do make your insurer aware. Your insurer or any other for that fact should not be penalising people for making a claim.
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