How long will we have to wait for our BMW to have the EGR recall work done?

Do you know how long I will have to wait for the recall part for the exhaust gas recirculation cooler repair on my BMW? Apparently the parts are on a 'back-order'. My local dealer cannot help and the main BMW UK office has no idea either. No one seems to know if it is likely to take another six weeks or six months. Meanwhile, I am reluctant to use the car as the recall letter says it could catch fire (though BMW UK has helpfully advised that I would probably get a symptom before this happens, which is good to know).

Asked on 22 February 2019 by Rick

Answered by Honest John
No one knows. It potentially affects 165,000 BMW diesels. If the car goes in and the dealer ascertains it needs a replacement EGR cooler he will not release the car back to the owner for fear of liability if the car subsequently catches fire. BMW dealers have run out of courtesy cars, but if your car is incarcerated you are entitled to be kept mobile (in a hire car if necessary) until your car is repaired.
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