Should I buy a new car now or wait until after Brexit?

I am in the market to change my two present cars for two new cars. It is more than likely that the lead times will be approx 12 weeks? Dealers are telling me that Brexit will have an impact on both delivery times and cannot guarantee delivery dates or price. As my car order would stagger the end of March 19 is it better to buy/order now or later once we all know what Brexit deal has been done?

Asked on 2 February 2019 by Shaun in the North West

Answered by Honest John
Who knows? I certainly don't. I can only tell you that over the past 10 years the value of sterling has plummeted to half its 2009 value, which makes imported cars twice as expensive, and that could get worse. People think that because the sterling value of their house has doubled they are richer. They aren't. All that has happened is that the value of sterling has halved.
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