My car has been written off - can I challenge the value they've given it?

My car has been declared a total loss as the repair cost is significantly higher than the market value and I expect an insurance payout. However my insurance company will not take into account the £3300 I spent last year for a reconditioned engine, they are just going by a Glass's value based on age and mileage. Can I do anything about this?

Asked on 14 January 2019 by Harry

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes you can. They will argue you had the benefit of the previous engine, and your vehicle would have been worth significantly less had you have not repaired it. Advise them that you have "improved the vehicle" as it is now in a better condition to one of a comparable age as the engine has done less miles than the rest of the vehicle. Advise that you have not had the benefit of this engine, and as such, the value should be amended to take this improvement into consideration. I would be requesting around 50 per cent of the value the engine excluding the labour cost.
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