Should there be double yellow lines to stop people parking on or near speed humps?

If speed humps meeting legal requirements cannot be driven over in a manner which they were designed for, due to people parking cars too close or even on them, should councils be made to install double yellow lines between the humps to eliminate this situation? On numerous occasions, you are forced to drive half off and half on them

Asked on 11 January 2019 by f mansley

Answered by Honest John
Straddling speed cushions probably causes more damage to car tyres than potholes do. And it's hidden abrasion of the inner shoulders of the tyres that sometimes does not become apparent until a blowout. So cars parked forcing drivers to drive over speed cushions one wheel over, one wheel on the flat is actually better for the car (and the people in the car) than straddling them. And, of course, cars parked either side of a street actually slows traffic more effectively than the speed cushions do. So speed cushions should be removed and, now that parking on footways is to be banned, more gauntlet-like street parking should be allowed.
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