I am unable to drive due to ill health - can my wife still use my insurance?

I have two cars registered in my name, with my wife as named driver for past 30 years. I am now unable to drive due to ill health. Do I need to change car ownership, in order to allow my wife to get insurance? Even if we have to change car ownership, what is best option for my wife regarding our car insurance policy?

Asked on 7 January 2019 by phil

Answered by Tim Kelly
The vehicles can still be in your name, you do not need to change ownership, but she would need to be insured as the main driver. What I would look at a multi-car policy or family policy. See if you can still insure in your name using your no claims, but as your wife as the main driver, that way she can still benefit in using the no claims. Then see if you can be removed from the policy if you have to hand your licence in at a later date. The alternative is to speak to your current insurer and see if they are happy to continue insuring on the premise of her being the main driver.
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