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If I die suddenly would me wife remain legally covered on my insurance as a named driver?

If I were to die in the middle of the night in a hospital, would my wife remain legally covered by my insurance to drive the car home, as a named additional driver? Or would she have to leave the car in the hospital car park until she has arranged an insurance contract in her name? I can find no answer in the policy documents.

Asked on 2 January 2019 by 4caster

Answered by Tim Kelly
An insurer has to act "reasonably" in their actions. Your wife would be insured even though the contract would technically cease at your point of death. You are not technically dead in the eyes of the law until a death certificate has been registered and this is usually some time after the death has occurred. Most insurers understand the emotional distress in the situation and would not cancel cover until which point your wife advised them.
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