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The most popular models by vehicle sector as chosen by YOU the reader. To make your vote count have your say simply visit a review for your favourite model today.

Cars with a model that qualifies for 'free' Road Tax

Good: Low CO2 emissions and zero car tax. Spacious cabin makes it a realistic family car. Plug-In version escaped London Congestion Charge.
Bad: Not so efficient for long distances at motorway speeds where some diesel cars still beat it. Feels strained when accelerating hard, especially uphill, so you don't.
Good: The first sensible sized electric car at a sensible price. Ideal as a second car for short suburban runs or for use in the city.
Bad: Limited range of 100 miles means it cannot fully replace a diesel or hybrid family car.
Good: Much improved 2004 Focus. Great to drive. Comfortable and well laid-out interior. Wide range of engines. Low emission ECOnetic versions offer 55mpg +.
Bad: Other hatchbacks offer more bootspace and rear passenger room.
Good: Neatly styled and easy to drive. Room for five. Most come with full size spare. High quality interior. Double folding rear seats give flat load area. Frugal 1.2 TDI BlueMotion.
Bad: Lacks the sparkle of other small hatches. High gearing of 1.6 TDI may lead to DPF problems. 1.6 TDI and 1.4 petrol still belt cam.
Good: Well built with an upmarket interior. Enjoyable and involving to drive. Cheap to run 1.6TDCI ECOnetic. Exceptional reliability record. Very few problems reported despite more than 500,000 sold.
Bad: Back seats don't fold flat. Spare wheel is a £30 optional extra. High boot lip. More refined but not as sharp to drive as a Mazda 2.
Good: Stylish design. Excellent road manners. Roomy and well-equipped cabin. An easy car to live with and enjoy. Superb value. FR models are the best.
Bad: Acres of dull plastic across the dashboard. Poor treatment of owners over ABS/ESP issue.
Good: Fine riding, handling and commodious small car. Reasonably priced. Engine range gradually improved. Facelifted with improved engine range from Spring 2012.
Bad: Slightly firm ride.
Good: Neat looking small hatchback. Uses some of the same engines as MINI. 1.6 HDi is the best in the range. Excellent ride quality.
Bad: Lacklustre handling. Interior looks good on the surface but lacks quality in depth.
Good: Comfortable and quiet on the move, enjoyable to drive, great attention to detail. 1.4 TSI much nicer to drive than a diesel.
Bad: DSG transmission occasionally obstructive and can leave you stranded mid junction. Huge problems with chain cam 1.4 TSI mainly the Twincharger versions.
Good: Innovative technology. Exempt from London congestion charge. Fun to drive.
Bad: Range is 80 miles. Charging is awkward if you live in a flat. Limited space inside.


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