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Thirteen years ago, a motoring columnist and former car trader saw that British car buyers desperately needed a special kind of website. Most car buyers simply wanted straight answers to direct questions about what is the best car and the best deal for them, written in a way they could clearly understand by someone they trust–Honest John.

Honest John.co.uk was born from the Honest John column in The Telegraph. It provides comprehensive, real time information on all aspects of motoring including Reviews, Real MPG, best deals and the Good Garage Guide.

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The Audience

Over a million motorists visit Honest John every month looking for reliable and HONEST advice from a source that they can trust.

Honest John is widely respected throughout the automotive industry as well as the consumer press and receives over 5,000 consumer enquiries per month.

Who is the Honest John Car User?

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Who is the Honest John Classics User? 

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For all advertising enquiries please contact:

Kirsty Fitton
01572 492 646

For marketing and content syndication enquiries please contact:

Emma Critchley
0207 9530318



Online Specs and Rates

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Online Rate Card (cost per thousand)

Creative Cost
Banners £18
Leaderboards £22
Super Banners £25
Skys £18
Super Skys £25
MPUs £30
Double MPUs £40
Overlays £40


For bespoke rates information and proposals please contact:

Francesca Tucker

Account Director


01733 735553


Dylan Jenear

Account Manager


020 79530317



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