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Thu, 30 Jun 2011
We'll be reporting live from the Volkswagen Beetle launch and you'll have the chance to ask experts questions about the latest incarnation of Volkswagen's best-selling car. LIVE ON 18 JULY 2011
Sat, 25 Jun 2011
It's one of the hottest new cars of 2011 and we're offering you the chance to follow the launch live and get your questions answered. LIVE ON 1 AUGUST 2011.
Tue, 29 Mar 2011
The Leaf is one of the first of a whole new generation of electric vehicles. This is your chance to ask top people at Nissan YOUR questions. How far? How fast? How frugal?
Mon, 07 Mar 2011
If you're thinking of buying a new Ford Focus, this could be for you. It's your opportunity to ask key people at Ford about the new Focus, plus get some live impressions of the car.


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