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xsara picasso hdi 2L 52 plate - fanbelt issues - marrittm

hi all, i have issue with fanbelt on my xsara picasso hdi 2L, for some reason the fan belt flaps between the crankshaft pully and compressor, i have replaced the following: crankshaft pully+idle guide pully+tensioner (over 12 months ago)+power steering pump+ 3 belts. all the obove have been changed between 12 to 18 months. i took the car to a alternator specialist to check the pully but he said it was ok, i also spoke to citroen specialist and he advised me to try a down size belt to one i have so i did. when i put the downsize belt on the flapping went but the self tensioner vibrates, but after a day it returns to flapping, i have noticed that tho problem is worse when the car is at idle, as soon as you put some revs on the flapping stops but the tensioner still vibrates. could someone please help me with this issue as i cant afford to keep throwing money at this car anymore. i have also notice when the aircon is on the flapping is worse but the aircon works great. at this point im tempted to replace the tensioner as i have checked all ather pullys.

thank you

Tags: technical issues maintenance and servicing air conditioning legal and consumer advice

xsara picasso hdi 2L 52 plate - fanbelt issues - pandpauto

hi by saying flapping do you mean vibrating? Does your car have got over running type of pulley on alternator ? Just have a look on this link.

Most of the problems which we are facing are alternator free wheel pulleys failures.


xsara picasso hdi 2L 52 plate - fanbelt issues - marrittm

hi thanks for reply and good link, when looking at my pully it just looks like a pully with a nut in middle its not as fancy as the ones in link.

xsara picasso hdi 2L 52 plate - fanbelt issues - pandpauto

maybe someone replaced whole alternator recently without one?

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