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04 2.0 Serious oil leak - Bernardw
Hi my 2 litre diesel estate 92,000 miles has been leaking oil steadily for a while now. I left it in with my mechanic and he is baffled as to what is the cause. He says there is more than usual backpressure coming out the filler opening but none from the dipstick. He thinks this backpressure is forcing oil out someplace. And this might indicate an engine rebuild. This time last year I spent close to 5 grand on high pressure oil pump and a new turbo (not to mention just having had the timing belt done), so I really don't want to get into more expense. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

Tags: technical issues water pump timing belt diesels

04 2.0 Serious oil leak - piston power
Could this simply be a blockage and a good engine flush may cure?

Check the breathers are not blocked does it run ok any smoke?
04 2.0 Serious oil leak - WorkshopTech
These Mazda 6's are another troublesome diesel engine and suffer from a variety of problems (turbo, oil pump and cam wear). I assume that your mechanica has done the basic checks on the breathers and intake system? If so then I would tend to agree with his diagnosis that it blowby due to general engine wear.

PS I think you meant you spent money on HP fuel pump, not oil pump?

Edited by WorkshopTech on 20/12/2009 at 18:24

04 2.0 Serious oil leak - Bernardw
Thanks for the replies. 2nd post your right it was fuel pump. The thing that has us stumped is the fact that blowby can be felt at oil filler but not at dipstick.
04 2.0 Serious oil leak - WorkshopTech
Sometimes tube end of dipstick is below the top of the oil in the sump, so you wouldn't feel much blowby but oil can be spat out.
04 2.0 Serious oil leak - WorkshopTech
Actually it might be a good idea to get shot of this car now rather than spend more money. These engines can be quite troublesome.

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