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01 1.9 tdi zetec - braking problem - stlbc1969
my galaxy has developed a braking fault over the last couple of days,most of the times when you brake its fine but on the odd occiasion you have braked and braked again but harder the pedal goes really hard and stopping doesnt always occur straight away,
I have checked the pads all ok with no warning lights,could it be the ABS or servo leaking,its only just started to do this and been fine since we have owned it over 2yrs!!!

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Edited by Dynamic Dave on 04/08/2009 at 00:42

Tags: technical issues warning lights brakes electrical faults ABS

01 1.9 tdi zetec - braking problem - stlbc1969
Just to add normal driving is fine just seems when you slowing down or slowed it starts to get hard and pedal fades..think its servo more now tahn ABS!!!>

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