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03 800 Gear Problems - iain073
Recently bought a Daewoo Matiz 800cc with 64K on the clock. Gears hard to change, especially from 3rd to 2nd which has a grating noise. Had new clutch and timing belt done but gears no change. Anyone have any suggestions and possible costs to correct.

Tags: technical issues clutch failure clutches timing belt

03 800 Gear Problems - doctorchris
If bought from a dealer, take it back and complain.
Otherwise, change the gear oil, it can work wonders on high mileage, small cars.
03 800 Gear Problems - iain073
Thanks for your reply, I will try this but which is the best oil to use?
03 800 Gear Problems - doctorchris
Castrol website suggests 2.1 Litres of SMX-S gear oil.
However, many modern cars do not have a drain plug for gearbox oil so it may not be as simple as it seems.
In addition, a clutch cable may not be properly adjusted. I Don't know the Matiz so it might be worth looking into that as well.
You may find this website helpful if you have some technical knowledge
Basically, it's a repair manual for the Matiz.
Good luck!
03 800 Gear Problems - brakenoodle
I have had two Matiz cars and both had the same problem develop with the gear change cables. Where they attach to the top of the gear box, the ends of the cables have rubber bushes which deteriorate, crack and slowly turn to powder making the link sloppy and gear change rough. This problem was not however accompanied by any grating noise. This may be the problem.
03 800 Gear Problems - sul

How did you get the problem solved?

I hav ethe same problem with my matiz

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