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03 1.9 Fault Code Reader Pre 2004 Diesel - Delhibelly
Hi,on another post iceskater wrote:

>>" I got a new U581 of ebay (£60) nice bit of kit but unfortunately it
doesn't seem to work on this model. Will be back on ebay soon. Had a
word with 'talktomycar' today and bought an ELM327 from them. (They said it would work
or money back £50) Should arrive tomorrow not convinced that its going to work however.
Believe the protocol is ISO14230-4 (KW2000)
All the data I've found about the diagnostic connector suggests that pin 16 is the
battery positive. Pin 16 is not fitted on my connector hence no power for the
ELM327. I've got pins 1 4 5 7 11 12 fitted. I believe pins 4
& 5 are ground pin 7 is K-line pin 11 is alarm/remote. Is pin 1
or 12 the 12V line. Does anybody know?. Does anybody know of a cheap code
reader that works."

I need a code reader for my ever troublesome 2003 Peugeot 307 hdi 110 & like probably alot of other Peugoet owners was wondering if anyone knows of a relatively cheap code reader that will work on this model & how iceskater got on-did the ELM327 work?(I doubt it!)
P.S.I also bought a u581..brill tool but not on a 307! Thanks in advance

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03 1.9 Fault Code Reader Pre 2004 Diesel - mjnurney
did you ever find a code reader that works??
03 1.9 Fault Code Reader Pre 2004 Diesel - Delhibelly
Hi, yes it is a Maxdiag FR704 bought from eBay international

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