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05 1.3 Do these cars have a timing belt - jp147
Does the Suzuki Swift from 2005 - have a timing belt or chain and if it has a chain would it ever need replacing ?

Tags: belts and chains cam belts timing belt cam chains cam belt or chain

05 1.3 Do these cars have a timing belt - Pugugly
Good: Well liked by owners. Chain cam Toyota engines. Astonishingly good handling. Fun to drive.
Bad: A little bit tinny. Not as spacious as a Yaris.

According to some fellow's website*

*HJ actually if you look in the Car by Car Breakdown.
05 1.3 Do these cars have a timing belt - Lygonos
Chains should never need replacing*

Make sure to keep the oil clean. Replacing the timing chain on a high mileage engine will probably hasten its demise as the sprockets will be worn in to fit the old chain.

*unless it's a Triumph Stag.

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