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98 Keyfob problem. opening with key sets off alarm - m175400
Hi all,

A few months ago my 98 Almera GTi key fob started playing up. I bought 2 new ones no more than a year or two prior and am sure they're not the problem, either one produced the same results, one of which is the spare I never used and thus, I assume, the battery in it should be fine?

Anyway, every so often the car wouldn't unlock until I'd pressed the button X times, anywhere from twice to 20 times. This then wouldn't happen again for weeks. Then it started getting more and more frequent until one day it wouldn't work at all. I had to open the car using the key, which set off the alarm, hazards flash etc. I could still drive the car but the hazards flashed constantly and the alarm would sound while I drove it.

A rocovery guy unplugged the alarm under the bonnet (a siren I think, not the horn), and I had to remove my hazard and indicator fuses under the dash to drive it without them going off constantly. I have tried reprogramming the keyfobs but I can't tell if anything is happening because the indicators tell you if things are proceeding correctly during the programming procedure. Even so, they don't appear to work even after I follow the instructions I have found.

My keyfobs have a black button, purpose for which I am unsure of bar reprogramming, and a red button that both locks and unlocks the car.

Any ideas what the problem is or if I can get the car through an MOT by somehow disabling the alarm system so I can get my indicators/hazards working again?

Many thanks in anticipation!

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 08/08/2008 at 00:24

Tags: technical issues keyfob electrical faults alarms and immobilisers alarms

98 Keyfob problem. opening with key sets off alarm - jopsu
I have excactly the same problem. Have you solved it?

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