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02 1.8 Replacing steering wheel - mikeymike
The rubber moulding on my steering wheel has split around the RH horn button. Is it possible to replace the front section without disturbing the airbag system ?

thanks, Mikey Mike

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02 1.8 Replacing steering wheel - topbloke
yes and no the airbag unit will pop out allowing access but there is not a great amount of room to fiddle around with the front section plus the airbag is clipped in on spring clips and unless you know how to do them then you are likely to damage it (not a good idea)
02 1.8 Replacing steering wheel - Alby Back
I suppose you could get one of those "sporty" aftermarket steering wheels from H'fords or similar. They might even fit it for you. Might not be too expensive.

Downside I guess is that when you come to sell the car you might have to advertise it as a "Chavira" ! ;-)
02 1.8 Replacing steering wheel - mikeymike
Thanks for the reply - you have probably put me off tampering with it !
Unless - I can work out how the springs fit before I take it off - like find one at a scrap yard without the split and examine it ?
02 1.8 Replacing steering wheel - sculptex
I have same problem. When I rang local vauxhall garage it was hard to explain what I was on about, so he could not find the right part without me taking it in. the only part he could find that was not the cmplete steering wheel was a part for the horn which I am not sure is correct. Anyone had any success getting the replacement part (please post part no.) and fittting it themselves?
02 1.8 Replacing steering wheel - roosterbooster
cheapest and quickest solution. Get airbag from scrapy only 2 t30 torx and 1 electrical connector

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