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06 2.0 Chain cam? - MrMazda
A review of the 2.0 l Kia Magentis (2006 on -) states: "2.0-litre Theta petrol engine (Europe) - Petrol engines start in the European line up with Kia's all-new 2.0-litre Theta engine, a four-cylinder 16-valve unit with a die-cast aluminium block and a plastic cylinder head cover and intake manifold.

It features continuously variable valve timing to optimise low and medium-speed torque plus high-speed performance and economy. The valve gear is chain-driven to minimise maintenance requirements and cut noise, while auxiliary systems are powered by a serpentine belt."

This car isn't listed in the Chain -cam FAQ, I assume the above means it is? Does the "serpentine" belt need to be changed at a prescribed interval?


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