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VW Polo ABS light - Dragan
My ABS light on dashboard is sometimes on, and I don't know what is going on. Can somebody tell me where to find some user manual for VW Polo, for things like this one?

Tags: technical issues ABS user manuals warning lights

VW Polo ABS light - mjm
Do you mean that it comes on at odd times when driving or sometimes it just doesn't go off from starting up?
I have no VW experience, but abs generally checks itself after start up.
If the light doesn't go off from start up, it suggests the control unit or its wiring has a fault.
If it comes on after driving for a while it suggests a problem with either the sensors on the suspension, the rotors on the hubs or a connector plug on the sensor wiring.
There may also be a fuse/pressure pump problem.
VW Polo ABS light - DougB
Hi - Find a good independent garage with the proper diagnostic software. This will find the problem quickly and I hope cheaply!

Regards DougB.
VW Polo ABS light - Dragan
Well, during driving it sometimes go on and after few miles it go off.
VW Polo ABS light - Civic8
Does the brake fluid level light come on at the same time/or just the abs light?
VW Polo ABS light - Dragan
Only the ABS light goes on. All other lights are off.
VW Polo ABS light - Civic8
I would go with Doug on this.Get the experts to check it.

It may be something simple. like the sensor lead to connector on strut/suspension mount which you could look at yourself..Any signs of chaffing/broken wire/dirty connection will cause it..But if all looks fine.Best to get it checked out.

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