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Vectra 2.2 Diesel Belt Change - akr
Just bought a 52 plate Vectra 2.2 DTi LS with 39500 miles. Drives very well and in very good nick. Managed to get 2nd 20 000 mile service off the dealer before delivery but they didn't change belt/tensioner as service book says. Should I be stamping feet and insisting this be done? Does this engine have a history of chewing belts. Or will it be fine until next service at 60 000 miles?

Tags: technical issues maintenance and servicing service interval

Vectra 2.2 Diesel Belt Change - Dynamic Dave
Yes, Vauxhall cambelts should be changed at 40,000. However, I *think* I'm right in saying the 2.2 diesel has a camchain, not a belt.
Vectra 2.2 Diesel Belt Change - Aprilia
Chain on this engine, IIRC.
Vectra 2.2 Diesel Belt Change - akr
I would certainly feel a lot better if it was a chain. Can anyone confirm?
Vectra 2.2 Diesel Belt Change - akr
Just read Apri;a's message after posting mine. Thanks. The next question is what's the best way to improve the longevity of chain engines?. Should I be having them "serviced" in a particular way? Do the chains need replacing? Sorry if this is a thick question but I am a complete dumbo in such matters and am, thus, in the hands of Vauxhall's technicians or experts such as you lot out there.
Vectra 2.2 Diesel Belt Change - Quinny100
The best way to maintain the timing chain is to change the oil regularly and use good quality oil and filters.

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