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Fiesta -removing front door panel Help - Kerplunk
I need to replace my front speakers in my 91 Ford Fiesta and and trying to remove the door panel. I've never done this before and wondered how I get the window winder handle off so the panel can be removed. And what about the door handle ? I have popped the panel edges off but the handles are stopping me do any more. I don't want to force it off.

Thanks for any help and also can anyone recommend some fairly decent speakers for the front too ?

Tags: technical issues write offs small cars DPF european law

 Messages Author Date
 Fiesta -removing front door panel Help  Kerplunk Sun 9 May 2004 12:06
 Fiesta -removing front door panel Help  mfarrow Sun 9 May 2004 16:55
 Fiesta -removing front door panel Help  Civic8 Sun 9 May 2004 19:34
 Fiesta -removing front door panel Help  Kerplunk Sun 9 May 2004 20:45
 Fiesta -removing front door panel Help  AR-CoolC Mon 10 May 2004 09:21

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