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Ford Fiesta rear shocks - pastyman
Good evening my learned friends,

Whilst doing a brake shoe change on my Mk 4/5 Fiesta (facelifted), i noticed that the o/s rear shock needed replacing due to oil weeping on the side of it. Replacement looks fairly easy, i have a slight problem regarding the set up of the new shocks. Whilst torqueing the wheel nuts up i noticed a clonk from the shock assembly, at this time the car was still off the ground safely on stands, so the suspension had dropped down with no vehicle weight to compress it. I looked at the top of the shock in the boot, the nut is tightened up correctly against the top mounting, but there is a movement at the top of the shock which you can move by hand quite easily in a circular movement.
After putting the car back on the floor, i checked in the boot again, the suspension has compressed a bit as expected, but the top mounting is still sitting about 10mm or so above the inner wing in the boot, i don't think this is supposed to be like this, i checked the other side and it is exactly the same which makes me think it is supposed to be like this.
Can anyone throw any light on this matter regarding instalation and set up, the Haynes book is a bit vague.
Any help much appreciated.


Tags: technical issues brakes wheels and tyres


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