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1998 1.6 SX Heater blower - xsara98
My heater blower has stopped working. I've tried a replacement blower (from scrap dealer so it may have not have been functional) but no joy. I tried a voltmeter on the 4-way plug that connects into the blower motor. The four wires are coloured white, black, orange and red. I'm no expert in car electrics. I assume that the black is connected to earth (ie -ve on the car battery) and red is live, but when I checked voltage across the red & black wires it showed zero volts with engine running and also engine off. There was approx 8.8V across the white & black and zero across orange & black. The rear window heater works OK. I'd be grateful for any advice. Thanks.

Tags: technical issues electrical faults batteries fuses air conditioning

98 1.6 Blower motor - xsara98
I'm having trouble with my heater blower motor. However, I've confirmed that the motor spins when power is supplied with the unit out of the car, so I'm assuming that there is trouble with the electrical circuit rather than the unit. I don't want to spend a great deal on a ten year old car, so I'm looking for a cheap and easy way to supply power to the motor. I don't particularly want to disrupt the car electrics more than I need so I was thinking of using the cigar lighter. If I bought a 12v accessories plug and wired a lead from that to the motor, would that work? Or am I going to damage something?

Thanks for any advice.
98 1.6 Blower motor - elekie&a/c doctor
Not really a good idea to take power from the cigar lighter socket .The power required for the blower motor is far in excess of what the cigar socket and wiring can handle.A better method would be to use an ignition controlled relay to supply the motor from a heavier duty circuit.Btw a lost power circuit to the blower circuit is often a fault with the ignition switch.If you are not sure what to do,take it to an electrical techie.hth

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