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1998 X18XE engine - changing cam sensor - Simon Collier
I have a '98 R 1.8 Vectra with a X18XE engine. The engine management light is on and the local garage read it for me and diagnosed the Cam sensor.

I opened up the Haynes manual to see how easy it would be to change it myself. I've removed the air filter housing but then Haynes and our car seem to differ. Haynes says to unbolt the top timing belt cover and then I should be able to see the sensor. Looking at the car the 1 bolt I can see is partially obscured by a large emgine mount bracket. Do I really have to unbolt this engine mount to get the timing cover off? Would have thought it'd get a mention in the manual!

I'm wanting to fix the car to sell it, starting to think I may be better off selling it broken..

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Changing CAM Sensor - Dynamic Dave
Not sure if the following HOW2 is any use or not?

It's for the 2.0 litre engine, but I *think* they're pretty much the same.


Changing CAM Sensor - Simon Collier
Maybe, but it's step 5 'Remove timing belt cover' that is causing me confusion - to do this on my car seems to require the removal of one of the engine mounts. Did you need to do that?
Changing CAM Sensor - SpamCan61 {P}
Well on SWMBO's X18XE1 zafira and my X20XEV vectra then I reckon you need to remove the upper nearside engine mount to get the timing belt cover off. :-/
Changing CAM Sensor - topbloke
its not an engine mounting as such its a stay/stablizer bar and yes you will need to remove it and the drive belt
Changing CAM Sensor - topbloke
sorry forgot to ask, have you got a new sensor as the new ones that come from the dealers need wiring in/soldering, crimping etc as they have changed ends do not know if you can still get the old style ones maybe aftermarket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Changing CAM Sensor - Simon Collier
Hi all,

Thanks for the responses. I'm not using the car anymore, so I was planning to get the sensor off, then try and get a 2nd hand one that fits. As soon as it's working again I can sell the car. Local garage had quoted me £120 parts plus 2 hours labour. The cars worth very little, hence trying to do it myself as the cars too good to scrap.
Changing CAM Sensor - SpamCan61 {P}
I think the sensor is about 40 quid from autovaux (ring 'em don't email) About an hour's labour according to my local mechanic - sounds fair. The garage is yanking your chain.
Changing CAM Sensor - Tryin2bMechanic
You can get a CAM sensor from LMF Vauxhall for 14 quid. It is the standard original part (no mods required like the current one sold by Vauxhall)

I did the job myself but look out for a few things.

The engine stabilizer bar did have to be moved out of the way.

The timing belt cover is all in one on my 1.8 Sri so it all has to come off.

When removing the screw that mounts the sensor DON'T drop it like I did. I eventually found it behind one of my timing belt pullies

The sensor has to be set to pick up both cams so make sure it is aligned.

I had to replace the cam cover gasket as well as it had hardened off.

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