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For the past six weeks I have observed that on my 64 miles daily car journey that on average at least 30 vehicles have one headlight not working (my journey is in dark in lighting up times).

This can in some circumstances be dangerous .You may think a motorcycle is approaching and not anticipate the space required for a larger vehicle.

In the past the law stated that as long as you had a spare bulb with you an offence had not been commited.

However I am not sure of the current legal position.

I do believe however that all those 30 vehicles seen each day with 1 headlight out do not carry a spare bulb.

My daily journey is Wakefield,Leeds,Kirklees all within the control of the West Yokshire Police who do not appear to be taking any action to enforce the law.

Asked on 31 December 2010 by ME

Answered by Lucy
They are driving without proper lighting.

However I think this might be a better forum question than a legal one. Please repost at
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