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Parking ticket issued in snow
I parked my car at the end of my road at 10.30pm one Friday at the beginning of December in what I thought was a residents parking place. Road markings were obscured by snow. During the night it rained. The next day I came returned to my vehicle and found I had a parking ticket. During the night most of the snow had been washed away by the rain showing that I was parked on double yellow lines. I objected to the notice but the penalty notice was upheld by Ealing Council. I feel this is really unfair. Is there any point me continuing to object to the penalty notice?

Asked on 30 December 2010 by welsh woman

Answered by Lucy
The next appeal is to the adjudicator. They tend to find for the council on snow cases on the grounds that you should have checked nearby signage. The fine will be higher if you lose.
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