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Car parking 'fines'
A few weeks ago I wrote to you concerning a friend of ours who parked for 45 minutes in a shops car park (It was dark and she did not see any signs) and got a letter demanding £150 or £75 if paid off quickly.

She sent a letter apologising for the parking and sent them £10 in full and final payment. The charges in the car park are £2 for 90 mins or nothing if she spent £5 in the shop.

However they have now replied saying they do not accept this. They have not returned the £10 cheque and they still require the £75 for early payment.

There has been a couple of letters in your column recently about this and I am suggesting to her that she does nothing, on the grounds that there is a chance thay may not pursue it further or if they send more demanding letters she can keep them as evidence of harrassment.

Do you think this is the best course of action (or non action). They cannot claim that by parking there the lady was causing them to lose spaces and customers as at that time of the afternoon there were more spaces than cars.

Asked on 23 December 2010 by mikepro

Answered by Lucy
She has "made an offer to settle out of court" and if they have kept the £10 they have accepted it. They cannot proceed further and to do so would amount to harassment for which she can seek compensation.

If they persist come back to me and I can do a legal letter.

We have also developed the FAQ that covers this:
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