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Is a householder legally entitled to stop you parking across a dropdown kerb which is in front of a wall?

Locally three neighbours have got together and have had dropdown kerbs erected with the intention to stop anybody parking across them. These are in front of walls and in addition to dropdown kerbs for their drives, plus there are no signs or markings on road.

I would be grateful for your expert advice


Mr John Connor

Asked on 18 December 2010 by headway

Tags: parking legal
Answered by Lucy
Have they been done officially (ie by the council) or just had them done to protect their parking? If the latter they are illegal. If they are the former and they already have an entrance to their drive then you will need to complain to the local authority. Can you tell me where this is and provide me with some contact details for you including a telephone number. I would like to talk to you further.
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