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My daughter received a letter 23rd November 2010 from MIB and Close Credit management regarding an accidient which happened on 19/2/2004. They claim my daughter was not insured which to be fair may have been the case but through no fault of her own. A minor TAP did happen causing no damage to either vehicle and it was assumed that no claim would be made, the police did not visit my daughter or take any action.

It came as a shock when she received the letter claiming she owed £10,190.76 as a result of the accidient from C.C.M. who requested payment. I rang MIB they said it had been passed to recover the debt to CCM but the figure they gave me was £6421.91.

I think the whole thing is a con from the original driver claim to the added value CCmM have added.

Question: Is it genuine? After six years, nine months, is it not out of time for a first contact claim?

Asked on 14 December 2010 by Steve Bladen

Answered by Lucy
If this was the first contact after six years then the chances are the loan cannot be enforced as it is time barred. It sounds to me like there was a claim for a minor whiplash and the MIB paid it. They now appear to have sold the debt on. The debt is still valid but the issue is over enforceability.

The first question is whether your daughter has been at a constant address through the period, has kept her address up-to-date with the DVLA and insurers.

I can go through the "time barred" implications with her.

My guess is that CCM bought a time-expired debt off the MIB and are trying to collect on it.

I will check whether this is the case.
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